globus-connect-server-cleanup [-h|--help]

globus-connect-server-cleanup {-c FILENAME|--config-file=FILENAME} {-v|--verbose} {-r PATH|--root=PATH} {-d|--delete-endpoint}


The globus-connect-server-cleanup command deletes the GridFTP, MyProxy and OAuth service configurations previously created by running globus-connect-server-setup and removes the GridFTP server from a Globus endpoint. It deletes configuration files, stops, and disables the services.

If the -d or --delete-endpoint command-line option is used, globus-connect-server-cleanup removes the endpoint named in the configuration file as well as cleaning up generated configuration files.

If the -r PATH or --root=PATH command-line option is used, globus-connect-server-cleanup will clean up its GridFTP configuration and certificates in a subdirectory rooted at PATH instead of /. This means, for example, that globus-connect-server-cleanup deletes GridFTP configuration files in PATH/etc/gridftp.d.


The following options are available:

-h, --help

Display help information

-c FILENAME, --config-file=FILENAME

Use configuration file FILENAME instead of /etc/globus-connect-server.conf

-v, --verbose

Print more information about tasks

-r PATH, --root=PATH

Use PATH as the directory prefix for the configuration files that globus-connect-server-cleanup deletes.

-d, --delete-endpoint

Delete the Globus endpoint as well as local configuration



Default Globus user name


Default Globus password


globus-connect-server-setup(8), globus-connect-server-io-cleanup(8), globus-connect-server-id-cleanup(8), globus-connect-server-web-cleanup(8)